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Product Review - Mama Earth Bamboo Wipes

I have used a lot of wipes from various brands, since my first one was born almost 2.9 years back.
I received this pack from Babychakra and what I liked instantly was the owl on the pack! (I have some weird fascination  with owls - I love them!)

What I liked about it -
The secure lid and packaging is quite nice.
The smell is quite refreshing, though I personally prefer something much milder or none at all.
I like that each wipe is separate and not interlocked with the next one. I used to end up pulling out multiple ones and had a hard time putting it back or wasting them in some other brands. The wipe itself being bamboo based has got substance i.e is quite thick and wipes quite easily. I have used it on myself first and skin feels fresh after wiping. There is no soapy feeling after using the wipe. I remember using some wipe which left soapy residue and ended up giving a rash to my baby :-(
I like the fact that it's biodegradable. But would like to know more, like how many y…

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